What We Believe

"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." - A.W. Tozer

Core Beliefs

WE BELIEVE that there is one living and true GOD, eternally existing in three persons: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, equal in power and glory; that this triune God created all, upholds all, and governs all. (Gen.1:1: Deut.6:4; Matt.28:19; Jn.10:30)

WE BELIEVE that the SCRIPTURES of the Old and New Testaments are the Word of God, fully inspired without error in the original manuscripts, and the infallible rule of faith and practice. (Isa.28:13; Ps.119:11; Jn.17:17; 2 Tim.3:16-17; Heb.4:12; 1 Pet.1:23-25; 2 Pet.1:21)

WE BELIEVE in GOD THE FATHER, an infinite, personal Spirit perfect in holiness, wisdom, power and love; that He concerns Himself mercifully in the affairs of men, that He hears and answers prayer; and that He saves from sin and death all who come to Him through Jesus Christ. ( Ps.89:26; Ps.90:2; Ps.102:27; Jn.4:24; 1 Jn.1:2)

WE BELIEVE in JESUS CHRIST, God’s only begotten Son, conceived by the Holy Spirit.  We believe in His virgin birth, sinless life, miracles and teachings, His substitutionary atoning death, bodily resurrection, ascension into heaven, perpetual intercession for His people and personal, visible return to earth. (Isa.7:14; Mic.5:2; Matt.1:23; Mk.16:19; Lk.1:34-35; Jn.1:1-3; Jn.8:58: Jn.11:25; 1 Cor.15:3-4; Heb.1:8; 1 Jn.1:2; Rev.1:8)

WE BELIEVE in the HOLY SPIRIT, Who came forth from the Father and Son to convict the world of sin, righteousness and judgment, and to regenerate, sanctify and empower for ministry all who believe in Christ; we believe the Holy Spirit indwells every believer in Jesus Christ and that He is an abiding Helper, Teacher, and Guide.  We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit and in the exercise of all the Biblical gifts of the Spirit. (Acts1:8; 2 Cor.3:18; Jn.16:7-11; Rom.15:13, 16; Heb.9:14)

WE BELIEVE in the CHURCH, the living spiritual body, of which Christ is the Head and all regenerated persons are members who are to be in regular attendance. (1 Cor.12:12-27; Eph.4:15-16; Heb.10:24-25)

WE BELIEVE that the Lord Jesus Christ committed two ORDINANCES to the Church: (1) baptism, and (2) the Lord’s Supper.  We believe in baptism by immersion and communion open to all believers. (Matt.28:19; 1 Cor.11:23-26)

WE BELIEVE also in the LAYING ON OF HANDS for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, for ordination of pastors, elders, deacons, and receiving gifts of the Spirit. (Acts 6:2-6; 1Tim.3:1-13; Titus 1:5-9)

WE BELIEVE in the personal, visible RETURN OF CHRIST to earth and the establishment of His Kingdom, in the resurrection of the body, the final judgment and eternal blessing of the righteous and endless suffering of the wicked. (Matt.16:27; Acts 1:11; 1Cor.15:52-53; Rev.19:11-16, Rev.20:11-15)

WE BELIEVE that all people are sinners by nature which separates us from a holy, righteous, and sinless God, therefore, we are under condemnation. As a result of spiritual death from our sin nature, we need to be born from above, born-again, having our spiritual birth in Jesus Christ and regenerated by the Holy Spirit. That man can be saved by God by His grace through faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior; and convicted of our sin, we repent, turn from it and turn to follow Jesus. ( John 3:3, 6, 16-18; Rom. 3:21-26; Rom. 5:1-2, 12,18; Rom. 10:9-10; Eph. 2:8; Titus 3:5; 2 Cor. 5:17; Acts 3:19; Acts 17:30-31; 2 Pet. 3:9)

WE BELIEVE in a literal Heaven and a literal Hell and that all those who place their faith, hope and trust in Jesus Christ will spend eternity with the Lord, while those who reject Jesus’ free gift of salvation will spend eternity separated from the Lord in Hell. (Psalm 9:16-17; Psalm 11:4; John 10:27-28; 2Thessalonians 1:8-9; 2Peter 2:4, 9; 1John 5:11-13)

WE BELIEVE in the CREATION and in God as the Creator. We believe that God created man and that He created them male and female. God instituted marriage between one biological male and one biological female as the foundation of the family and the basic structure of human society. For this reason, homosexuality, and all other sexual preferences, orientations and transgenderism are unnatural, sinful and unacceptable to God. As a result, this ministry will not perform any marriages between two individuals of the same biological sex. We will not condone or recognize same-sex marriages, civil unions, or domestic partnerships. (Gen.1:1; Gen.1:27; Gen.2:24; Deut.22:5; Isa.42:5; Rom.1:18-32; 1 Cor.6:9-11, 18-20; Gal.5:19-21; Col.1:16-17)

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