Born in upstate New York, I’ve called Las Vegas home since I was 7 years old. My search for the Lord started as a teenager when I was looking for meaning and purpose in my life. One evening as I began seeking the Lord, God revealed my need for a Savior as I was reading the book of Revelation. I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of my life that evening and began my journey to know Him more.

Shortly thereafter I began attending a Bible teaching church and got involved in many areas of the ministry. As I moved forward in my faith, serving the Lord became a passion in my life and He provided many opportunities to be involved in various facets of serving and teaching. God’s call to Pastor became clear early on as I continued to seek His will for my life.

Many other wonderful things continued to happen in my life at that time, one of which was meeting a girl at church named Kathy. The more I got to know her, the more I saw her love for the Lord, and about a year later I had the privilege to call her my wife. The following year we were blessed with our first son Jordan and two years after that we were blessed again with our second son Jeremy.

It’s been wonderful over the years to serve the Lord in the body of Christ, and as He continues to anoint this ministry, we look forward to the fruit it will bear. My family and I consider it a genuine privilege to be of service to you as we all grow together in the grace, knowledge and love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.